Monday, February 14, 2011

Uniforms of World War II by Peter Darman

A friend gave me this great book in late 1998, and I still think it's a gem. It covers all the major nations and a number of secondary countries as well --over 250 uniforms, each sharing half the page with lengthy description and other useful context info.

I don't know if it's print these days, but if you if you can find it under $30, then you have found a deal -- and that's even if you don't care a bit about the naval and air force uniforms. There's lots and lots of infantry pictures to get you started if you plan to use it as a guide for painting miniatures. 
On a side note, I think that at least some of the pictures are based on actual photographs. The one that comes to mind is a US ETO infantryman smoking a cigar with a BAR pointing towards the ground (I think he is an sergeant in late war winter gear, but not in an overcoat). I'm sure I've seen a black & white photograph of this man; in the photograph he is pointing his weapon towards an open window of a basement or sub-level apartment. 


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