Monday, September 20, 2010

Coming Soon: Wargames Illustrated Does Chariots

I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of WI 276 with its chariot-era theme. Now I don't collect chariot armies, but I have enjoyed a biblical period game or two in the past. Mostly, I just want to learn a little more about the period and how it translates onto the table. There are plenty of cool periods that I rarely get to experience, and this is one that deserves more coverage.

Here's a link to the WI website preview. One thing that jumps out is that Jim Graham is doing the intro piece on the chariots theme. Jim did a great job with the Greeks a few issues back and I expect even old hands at chariot gaming will discover something new. 

Another thing that intrigues me is the modeling article on constructing chariots. I'm hoping this will involve a little bit of balsa wood. After researching chariots from later periods (ie. Classical Antiquity), I think gamers could do with some more variety than might be found in manufacturer offerings - especially in the 25mm/28mm scale. I'm hoping we see some widely applicable tips here. 

UPDATE (Sept 25)
I received my copy the other day and have been working my way through the articles after the usual skimming of the entire issue. Jim Graham does a top-notch job on several chariot articles. Some good modeling advice on the chariot construction using a manufacturer kit and Paul Davies really scores with a how-to article on field defenses.  

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