Friday, September 10, 2010

New Forest Flip-Mat from Paizo

I've mentioned Paizo's great two-sided tabletop accessories before (click on the just-added Flip-Mats label for more) - they are durable and have a great amount of utility. I have used their old forest flip-mat for years now - and will continue to do so after I purchase the newer version - but I know that the new one will look great with our RPG minis and monsters moving across them. The forest has got to be the quintessential terrain of any fantasy RPG I've played or ran - I mean, it's right on the way to the dungeons and caves, right? It's right up there with the cheerless meal by campfire and trying to sort out the night watch as far as fantasy gaming goes. 

Anyway - check out that meandering set of paths to the right! I don't think you could expect more curvy ambush spots in a cavern. 

Click here to see Paizo's description of the product and get a look at the sample sides. I could be wrong, but in the past, the sample sides of any flip-mats I've purchased had no detectable changes in graphics.

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