Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Bit of Thanks

Thanksgiving Day approaches and I thought I might share a few things with you folks about what I am grateful for in regards to history and gaming. 

I'm grateful for the folks who take the time to read my musings on this blog. I hope you find some value you in what you encounter here. 
Thanks, Chris Perkins!

I'm grateful for the historians, authors, and game designers whose talent and love for their callings really inspired me.

I'm grateful that I have had a chance to explore the world of game design/writing. I'd like to thank a number of editors that have played pivotal roles in this pursuit: Dave Gross, Chris Perkins, Jesse Decker, Mike McArtor, Wes Schneider, Rob Broom, Dan Faulconbridge, and Dave Taylor.

I'm grateful for the generosity and camaraderie of a number of historians, writers, and professional hobbyists: Guy Halsall, Neil Smith, Jim Graham, John Bianchi, Andy Hawes, Shane Grubb, and Heine Baekkelund (RIP).

I'm grateful for all the friends and loved ones that have sat at the gaming table with me through the years. I cherish those times.


  1. Thank you for the name-check. Much appreciated... I've been a bit quiet lately - repetitive strain injury has prevented painting, although it is improving so am just starting to do a little here and there. Am still hoping the El Cid article by James Morris and myself will appear in WI mag in Feb/March, so you may wish to keep an eye out for that! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Will do, Andy. I look forward to giving the article a preview her in tabletop blogland!

    In the meantime, I hope the injury heals good as new. I'm guessing it hasn't been conducive to guitar action either.

  3. Thanks, Paul. Have a good Thanksgiving.