Saturday, February 6, 2010

The First Crusade

Wargames Illustrated recently published a First Crusade-themed issue (#267/Jan 2010), which featured a couple of articles that I wrote - 'Introduction to the First Crusade' and 'The Battle of Dorylaeum'. More than that, the editors allowed me to drive the theme content - ie. suggest other articles and graphic content. I thoroughly enjoyed getting a chance to glimpse the editorial side of things and I certainly gained a better appreciation of one of their responsibilities. For me, this was another kind of milestone.

Before going further, I need to seriously thank the editors for what they did to make the finished work look so good. The authors involved with the other First Crusade articles really took the ball and ran with it - and I'm grateful to their efforts as well. The last kudos go to the fabulous Perry Brothers of wargaming miniature fame. The articles primarily used figures from their collection - who could ask for more on a project like this? Well, I suppose the last bit of icing is that some of the material (not published in the printed magazine) made it onto the new Wargames Illustrated website to give folks a taste of what's in the magazines.

I'll review some of the individual articles in following posts. In the meantime, follow this link to the WI website to see a First Crusade chronology.

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