Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More 19th C. Colonial Wargaming Bits

WI 280 cover
I must say that I've been intrigued by the 1880's Sudan coverage in WI 280. While looking around on super painter and all-around nice guy Andy Hawes' blog for some of his 19th C. colonials, I found a blog that has a lot of stuff on the period: 19th Century Wargames Armies 1883-1885.

While the author doesn't have a ton of posts, he has some cool bits to peruse.

As for Andy's pages, check out this one where he talks about using Army Painter on Pathans and his idea for converting 'Legends of the Old West Alamo' for his NW Frontier games. I'm looking forward to seeing more on Andy's ventures into the 19th C.


  1. Thanks for the name-check Paul. Just to update you, I am now moving over to Triumph & Tragedy for my Colonial gaming - their Colonial supplement is great! However, for those interested in using LoTOW in their Colonial Games, Google 'Battlegames Magazine' and search the back issues. I think the article you want is called 'The Wells of Tarka'...It's a solo scenario for the Sudan and is brilliant...

    I hope to have some British/Indian troops on the blog before too long. I just can't summon much enthusiasm for painting at the moment...

  2. Thanks for the update, Andy. I'm rather interested in what's going on the tables for gaming this period right now. Looking forward to seeing more of your colonial work when it is the right time for it.

    Funny you should mention solo wargaming - just read a great article on mechanics/scenario for Caesar's legions against one of the Rhine tribes and plan to post about it.