Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coming Up: "Rethinking 'Saxon' Wargaming"

Wargames Illustrated published a refreshing article to challenge the perception and tabletop interpretation of  Saxon armies in Issue 282. I'm hardly the expert to tell you what's right and what's wrong with how game rules treat the Saxons - or any of their Dark Age allies and enemies - but I love to read this kind of thing.

The author, Ryan Lavelle, made quite a few references to a favorite author around here - Guy Halsall. Specifically, he mentions Halsall's Warfare and Society in the Barbarian West c.450-900 - which I found to be an enlightening book that I ought to go back and read again (I can't believe it's been four years). I highly recommend it - it made for some interesting changes in thought I had on the period - and I don't think I grasped all that it offered.

In a later post I'll actually make some comments on the "Rethinking 'Saxon' Wargaming" article itself.


  1. Thanks, Paul (and thanks, Ryan, if you're reading this!).

  2. Certainly, Guy. I was kind of surprised when I looked back over a year's worth of posts and discovered I hadn't already mentioned 'Warfare & Society'.

  3. To complete the circle of thanks, thanks Paul and Guy for your comments. It's nice to see that the article has been noticed in one or two places!

  4. Ryan - Certainly! BTW - I still do mean to engage the article on this blog - although much later than planned.