Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FOW Project: US Heavy Weapons (mostly ready)

Except for a little touch up paint on some spots (more on that) and a Dull Cote finish, my Flames of War US heavy weapons teams are ready, and the command teams are next.

The picture at right was taken shortly after flocking, and you can see some of the glue showing through. That went away. I did find some spots of glue that had no flock did not turn clear, but white. I'm guessing this was because of the watered-down wood glue I used instead of just regular watered-down craft glue. I avoided this mistake when I put together the command teams.

For flocking I used some Gale Force 9 terrain products: dirt flocking, mixed with dark green and yellowed static grass. I have found more satisfying results by mixing static grass with the ground cover than by sprinkling the grass on top. I usually get a mix of grass standing and flat, and well integrated with what I perceive as earth or shorter grass (the earth flock). Looks right to me. I like mixing the grass colors because for much of the year, that's what I see in pastures and open fields, except for maybe late spring and summer.

Next time, I'll post a little bit about the command teams. I tried a few new things in regards to basing, but still keeping in with the look of the machine gun and mortar crews. 

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