Thursday, March 24, 2011

FOW Project: Basing Experiments

Even flat ground isn't always flat. I've had to go back and make some post-flock changes to some miniatures before and its sometimes as simple as adding some lichens or weeds. Why not just add a little few bumps with wall repair putty (quick dry, no mixing required) and some assorted bits of debris in the first place?

I mixed varying amounts of model grit/rocks, sand, and dried coffee grounds to my recent basing project (US command stands for FOW miniatures). This is definitely one of those arts v. science type of things. In some case, I definitely thought "less is more."

A friend commented that one of the bases looks like it was set on volcanic ground (which might come in handy for some fantasy monsters...). I think if I ever do some basing for the Ruhr Pocket, the coffee grounds might come in handy as well - if not for individual bases, then for the mighty coal piles that the armies fought in and over in the industrial region.

For those interested in recycling coffee grounds, make sure they get a proper drying before you put them in a container. Otherwise, expect to get some mold in your mix.

On a tangent item, dried tea leaves make a good pass for little leaves.

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