Monday, March 21, 2011

Brunanburh Online

In case you missed my take on Brunanburh (the epic clash between Anglo-Saxons and a Norse Dublin/Scots alliance in 937) from a gaming perspective in Wargames Illustrated last spring, WI has posted it online as a PDF.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle certainly gives us the impression the battle was truly a clash a mighty armies, and I have no reason to disagree. That said, we have very little reliable information on army strengths or even the battle's location. Of course, the Norse sagas offer all kinds of details that have more to do telling a good story than offering anything like historical facts.

Well, don't let that keep you from bringing a couple of hordes of late Dark Age types to the tabletop and giving the game a go. 

The Brunanburh article appeared in WI 271. If you are interested in the other bits I wrote on the Dublin Norse, check out WI 270 (cover pictured right).

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