Monday, February 15, 2010

Pathfinder Society: Everwar

I'm getting ready to relaunch an old campaign, converting characters to the Pathfinder game (see original blog post here). The Pathfinder Society modules seem to be a good way to jump start some games, although I fully plan to utilize my collection of Adventure Paths. 

The Echoes of Everwar series seem the right kind of adventures for the group I have in mind. The related modules focus on a search for artifacts related to a revived menace(?) of sorts. They kind of make me think of classic Tom Baker-era Doctor Who stories in some ways. Anyway, the individual modules are great on their own, but I look forward to the big picture scope of Part IV.

Part II (see picture of cover to the right) is the newest release in the series. Greg A. Vaughan wrote this one - always a plus. I've been a fan of his adventures for many years now. 

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