Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I finally played Rio Grande Games' Dominion recently, and I definitely saw similarities between it and AEG's Thunderstone (see my brief review here). Players assume the role of medieval aristocrats attempting to increase their controlled territories through judicious use of political and economic resources. 

I believe the game may be played with only two players, but it seems like it is more fun to have four players (maximum). Again, this is a game of card resource management and the players must decide on whether to build/trim their decks or pursue victory points (growing their kingdoms). The choice between strengthening your hand and purchasing victory points becomes more acute as the game progresses. Offhand, I'd say anytime you get a chance to make a big score on points (grabbing a province), you should do it.

The resource cards do a great job of linking the late medieval/renaissance theme and their game functions/mechanics. For instance, throne rooms and council rooms - the corridors of power - let players multiply the effects of other resources or bring more resources into play, respectively. Players can't ignore things likes workshops or woodcutters, either - they are nuts-and-bolt cards that can serve a number of minor, but essential purposes. 

I highly recommend the game.

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