Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wargames Illustrated: Painting Vikings

Editor Dave Taylor and Josh Landis show us how to paint up some Viking and Irish figures in Wargames Illustrated #270. The article includes some of Wargames Factory plastic Vikings and some of Crusader's metal Dark Age Irish, and a painted likeness of Brian Boru (based on an Angus McBride plate). We also get some how-to steps for painting Celtic knots. 

Speaking of plastic Vikings, Gripping Beast will join Wargames Factory with their own releases later this month. I'm tempted to give both a try. The cover art for WI 270 is taken from the new Gripping Beast figure box.

Paul Davies also gives us a very cool Early Irish Christian Church in his How To Build series. He breaks out the foamcore, Dulux paint, and Dremel tool like no other to make a model church complete with a tower. I wish I could do stonework like that. Anyway, lots of great pics of project and the finished work, plus a picture of the real thing and a list of inspirational source material. 

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