Monday, August 9, 2010

1760: Cherokee Victory at Fort Loudoun

Sallying Forth
I was able to attend the 250th landmark anniversary of Fort Loudoun's surrender to the Cherokees last weekend. Plenty of living history re-enactments, lectures, and guided tours at the Vonore, TN historic park - which includes a reconstruction of 18th Century fort. 

One of the significant aspects of the conflict between the British garrison and the Cherokees is that they had been allies for much of the war, but relationships soured over the lack of justice over the British killing numerous Cherokees further north.

Loading Muskets

The fort wasn't just a military site, it was a commercial and diplomatic one as well. The relationships between the garrison and the local villages was much more complex and complicated than you might think.

Three Cherokees at Village

The Chattanooga Times Free Press published a story I wrote about the event - follow this link.

I was pleased with the quality and dedication of the living historians that attended - that made - the event.

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