Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FOW Summer Project: US GMC Trucks

The Stug G IIIs have been sprayed with primer, disassembled by dropping, and brushed with thin coats of black. More on these tough guys later...

In the meantime, the US GMC trucks have gone pretty smooth. I did a little online research to see the colors used on the vehicles. The drab olive/dark olive green for the metal and wood parts was easy enough, but I was curious about the color of the canvas tarps. I found examples that included dark green, khaki, and olive shades. I also took a look at the example from the FOW site.

I used yellow olive (Vallejo Game Color) for the truck bodies. On one truck I used catachan green (GW) for the tarp, but it looked too much like the yellow olive, so I painted dark gray (Folk Art) over it; Folk Art's dark gray has quite a bit of dark olive in it. I put the dark gray directly on the other truck. The undercoat of catachan green made a big difference between the two vehicle tarps. 

I tried - with some success - of using the 'block technique' found in several of the FOW vehicle and artillery painting guides. I think this looks a lot better than if I had just spray painted the trucks in olive and then touched up on the canvas and wheels. The block technique simply means not painting over the black primer at joints and lines; this helps define the parts and might even contribute to the illusion of wearing. Probably depends on how loose or precise you do it. With all the straight lines of the trucks' wooden slats, the blocking really stands out.

The trucks are not finished, but here's some photos of the works-in-progress. 

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