Friday, July 2, 2010

Luftwaffe Field Divisions

Years ago I took an interest in the Luftwaffe Field Divisions, Goring's answer to the manpower shortage on the Eastern Front. The ranks of the Luftwaffe field formations were filled by ground crews and other personnel that could be spared at the moment. They lacked comprehensive training, weaponry, and heavy support, at least in comparison to regular troops. I had to admire their determination in the face of the odds they were up against.

[Pictured Right: Osprey Luftwaffe Field Division title, which I found quite useful]

It looks like I may be able to use some of my mid/late war Luftwaffe Field Division troops to help fill the company ranks of my Flames of War HG panzergrenadiers, as a number of them also wear the 3/4 camo jacket. As far as that goes, some of the LFD miniatures might also look right in late war paratroop formations as well. 

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