Friday, July 23, 2010

FOW Project: Stug III Gs

Time to post some words and pictures about the Flames of War summer project. I've had some odd success with my Stugs. They have turned about better than expected and a lot of that I can attribute to happenstance. 

I initially sprayed them in black primer, but had to get in close with diluted paint and ink; I was afraid I was going to end up globbing too much spray primer. I encountered some problems with my bottle of Model Master dunkengelb - it seemed to still be too thin even after a second coat. It could very well have to do with the age of the paint. So I painted over the assault guns with Valejo desert yellow, which looks pretty close. I used the blocking method again and purposely avoided an all-covering coat. This left hatch areas and decks with what appears to be worn areas. 

My next step is to attach the schurzen, do camouflage, and paint some more details.

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