Friday, July 2, 2010

Wilder's Brigade in Wargames Illustrated 273

My thanks to the WI team for believing in my vision for the 1863 campaigns for Chattanooga, which included the Battle of Chickamauga and the siege-breaking battles on Orchard Knob, Lookout Mountain, and Missionary Ridge. 

One of my favorite pieces is the review of Wilder's Lightning Brigade. The brigade was mostly armed with Spencer repeating rifles and had an over-sized battery (commanded by Eli Lilly, whose pharmaceutical company exists to this day). The article also includes some guidelines for choosing and converting figures for these soldiers. Frankly, they look more like Confederate troopers than Union cavalrymen. They will stand out one the tabletop. The article backs up the conversions with some great black & white photos. I highly recommend Richard A. Baumgartner's Blue Lightning, which I used a primary source for the article.

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