Monday, January 17, 2011

Warlord Games: Early Imperial Marines

Warlord Games has announced the release of EIR marines, complete with chain mail, bronze helmets, cloaks, and hexagonal shields. It appears these gentlemen are cast in metal. I have to say I like the looks of these guys. While I haven't shopped for EIR marines in awhile  - I bought some 15mm Essex nearly 20 years ago - and I think they wore shapeless leather (bronze??) armor -  these guys are nice enough to make me want to jump ahead and get into Early Imperial Roman small battle games mentioned previously.

Little Big Men Studios has created a very cool naval theme shield transfer of a triton and fish-creature (sample pictured right), and Warlord offers these as well.

Go to the Warlord site to see the announcement here.  If you want to see more pics of these fellows, then I recommend you check out Dr. Phil Hendry's site and check out this page. He does a great job with these guys.

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