Friday, January 21, 2011

Memoir 44 for The Great War: Suppression/Rally

HaT cover art for WWI ANZACs
One thing that seems to work well in our playtests is suppression, which limits the affected unit to one d6 attacks and no movement, as mentioned in the opening post on the subject

We also made a change to fire reduction caused by terrain: a unit may always have one d6 attack, even if terrain conditions might actually reduce attack dice to zero. We noticed this gave a little extra punch to machine guns who might otherwise be nullified by entrenchments at medium range.

We decided that suppression could be removed with a simple activation order, but that was all the unit could do. Furthermore, we also let units rally, meaning that an activation will restore a lost figure. Of course, you cannot rally while suppressed, nor can you do both in the same activation. 

More later on some thoughts about army morale/breakpoints and melee combat.

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