Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FOW Project: Flakpanzers

I finally finished up the flakpanzers - part of the summer project for last year!

I can't recall if I mentioned it before, but I tried out the Late War German Armour spray from Battlefront (I believe Army Painter makes it) on one of the flakpanzers. It makes for a great shade of dunkengelb. While I'm not crazy about the price of $15 US retail, it might be worth it in time saved and great color (it serves as primer too). Since I picked up a can in the discount bin real cheap, I can't complain at all.

Instead of using a mix of black and brown inks, this time I just went with watered-down black acrylic paint. It left a lot of smudges and I like the effect.

The last thing to do for last year's summer project is to put in crews for the 251/9s. I've already started the next summer project - more on that later.


  1. These look very nice! Two thoughts: 1) photograph them on something green. 2) Try wash in dark brown - the latter is a pet peeve of mine and I almost never use black or white. That said, your black wash isn't the overkill I've seen on similar models.

  2. Thanks for the compliments and suggestions. I do like the brown washes. Sometimes I try to keep black washes to areas that are subject oil, smoke, and grime; then give the whole thing a good brown wash followed with selective dry brushed mud/dirt.